Are you really hungry for that big meal in the evening?

Did you really work so hard during the day that you need lots more fuel to keep your strength up for even more work before you sleep?
We already know that night-eaters tend to binge and that curbing late dinners helps with weight loss.
Researchers found evidence that eating your main meal earlier in the day is a good thing:
Could the timing of when you eat, be just as important as what you eat?
Researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, have found that it’s not simply what you eat, but also

Start changing by changing how you stand

IMG_0466Externally rotate your shoulders, depress your scapulas and activate your deep cervical flexors. That will start to ignite muscles that have been inactive ever since you started sitting at a desk and staring at a computer screen.

The chart says this in English.

Quote of the day. Finishing her second circuit of walking lunges, JB says “I’m much more stable when I keep my core tight!”. Yup!

Balancing pain relief and safety.

Topical anti-inflammatories are the best choice if you really need pain relief for muscles or tendinitis because they cause no systemic side effects. Ibuprofen and naproxen are the the least likely to cause you to need a new liver or give you cardiovascular disease.

via Anti-inflammatory drugs: A closer look at the risks.

Medicine balls that bounce. They make working out fun. Really!

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Neck aching?

12 OR 42 LB HEAD

If your posture doesn’t look like the guy on the far left, you probably get a sore neck or sore shoulders or frequent headaches. You could also be adding up to thirty pounds of abnormal leverage on your cervical spine which can pull your entire spine out of alignment. It can also cause problems for your breathing, digestion and muscles all over your body.

If you don’t have the time or energy to spend on a foam roller to squish out the knots in your muscles, try this.

Tight, overactive muscles can become chronic which can make you hurt and alter your movement patterns. Take some time to be your own massage therapist and roll out those knots. You’ll sleep better if you do it before bed. Try a nice warm glass of milk too!

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So you spend too much time sitting.

You take the elevator instead of the stairs. You don’t do hard work or anything much after work because you are tired, you are always achy and when you do try to be active it just hurts too much. A doctor can call this fibromyalgia and prescribe medication. You can fix it yourself.

Add strength training, aerobic exercise and flexibility work to your life. It can make a big difference:

Researchers randomly assigned 64 women with fibromyalgia, ages 36 to 74 years, to participate in one of three groups for six months: supervised aerobic exercises, like walking and jogging; supervised aerobic, flexibility and strengthening exercises; or usual care. Both exercise groups met twice weekly for 45 to 60 minutes. Most women in the exercise groups attended more than 85 percent of the sessions.

Women in both exercise groups fared well. Scores on the Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire — a self-reported assessment of the impact of fibromyalgia on a person’s life — improved by 14 to 15 percent. Depression scores in the aerobic exercise group dropped by 8.5 points, and in the combination group by 6.4 points. Women in the combination group also benefited from improvements in joint mobility, in upper body strength and in self-reports of general health and well-being.

Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


Take your equipment with you!


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Fear the gym?

Don’t hate the gym! It can be your ticket to feeling the way you want to – or used to!

By stretching and building stronger more active muscles, the time you spend in the gym can be safe and fun and empowering.

There are great resources there to help you build flexibility and strength for your everyday activities. Since we all spend too much time at the computer or in a car or just sitting, our bodies become molded by these activities. That is why we get sore necks, knees, shoulders, hips and backs.

Start by getting an assessment so that your first exercises will start to smooth out problems from old injuries and muscle imbalances. That way they won’t come back to haunt you on your new path to feeling great.

With a good balanced program of functional exercises and stretches, you’ll work hard and feel the work but get back to living your life without pain!